The Merc with a mouth has found a new killing ground. Deadpool: Killustrated picks up right after Deadpool killed…well, the entire Marvel Universe. In this twisted series he finds his way into the literary greats. So for all us who had to read those terrible books and write those loathsome book reports, Deadpool gets us our sweet, extremely violent justice.
tumblr_mhiu6mEM6o1qbeukyo1_500With Cullen Bunn driving this crazy train, we’re in for one hell of a ride. Bunn has written for many Marvel series such as Deadpool Vol. 2, Deadpool Team up, Venom Vol. 2 17-36, and Wolverine Vol. 2 305-317. Cullen Bunn is also responsible for writing the lead up to this comic series – Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe, among many more. When it comes to a writer I don’t think Marvel has anything to worry about.
Cullen is accompanied by artist Matteo Lolli whose work can be seen in Deadpool Vol.2 issue 62, and multiple issues of Marvel Adventures: Spiderman Vol. 1 and 2, and Marvel Adventures: The Avengers Vol. 1. So suffice to say we have a stellar team working on this series.
So far I’ve read all the issues for this series and it has an amazing concept. Deadpool is so crazy he is, well, sane. He becomes aware that he is a comic and the reason he continues to live is due to the fact it’s written. The inspiration for all these current stories is based on the literary classics that inspired the stories of today.
Deadpool has always been known for bending the fourth wall, but in this series he blows the wall away. In fact, he knows we exist and wants us to end his constant suffering. We still get funny references every once in a while such as his nick name of Mcduck when confronting Ebenezer Scrooge.
The Deadpool series has always been about violence mixed with ridiculous humor, but this run is a little different. Don’t get me wrong, the psychotic killing is all there but it’s the humor that seems to have suffered. There are moments of funny sayings and quips, but not quite as much as you would expect. All in all even though it’s not quite the same it’s still an amazing series that you should read.
Well remember kids, like they said in the literary classic…..Ummm…why the hell can’t I remember?…oh well.