13 mins read

Lie To Me, E3, I Beg You

In the Netherlands, there are these ridiculous tasty treats known as Stroopwafel.  It can be tough to express the weird mix of nostalgia they can provide for me specifically, along…..

6 mins read

Of Sickness, Disease, And Video Games

Opening essays, posts, blogs, or even paragraphs with ‘I’ can be dangerous.  It sets a poor tone, and a dangerous precedent.  Short of inspirational, or just shitty memoirs, writers aren’t…..

4 mins read

A Rather Dark Friday

In preparation for most major catastrophes, people will often supplant any natural tendencies for the sake of training. In the event of an earthquake in Vancouver, you’d best have a…..

4 mins read

You Were More Attractive In Your Avatar

There are times when I brutally struggle to remember how I met people.  I inevitably fail because I, quite frankly, just do not care.  I value the relationship, and just…..

4 mins read

A Friend Worth Un-Friending

A mean person I met in a bar once questioned me about referring to a lesbian friend as ‘gay’.  That BOD (Bag-Of-Dicks) felt I was boxing this person who they…..

11 mins read

Chasing The Ghost of Games

I want to make myself abundantly clear here. I believe in ghosts and spirits. That’s not to say that I believe IN ghosts, however. Its an entirely different issue, trust…..

14 mins read

I’m Thoroughly [CENSORED] Over This

It’s March now. To put that in perspective, I have at minimum, at bare fucking minimum; one month of fine hot cross bun selection left.  Those little delectable, slightly moist…..

9 mins read

A Boy’s Obsession With Ma Ma

Despite my best work to hide it, I am a male.  A dude, a man, a fella’ and a guy.  Even at my most feminine moments or during just a…..