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By Mike Fay On 18 Dec, 2013 At 11:19 AM | Categorized As Fay's Way | With No Comments

In preparation for most major catastrophes, people will often supplant any natural tendencies for the sake of training. In the event of an earthquake in Vancouver, you’d best have a supply of water. In the event of tornado in Oklahoma, you’d probably consider getting underground. If you’re facing an erupting volcano in Pompeii, you sleep […]

By Mike Fay On 21 Oct, 2013 At 11:08 AM | Categorized As Fay's Way, SLIDEBAR | With 3 Comments

There are times when I brutally struggle to remember how I met people.  I inevitably fail because I, quite frankly, just do not care.  I value the relationship, and just forget about whatever friend’s party, bar, or crack den where we first meet.  One exception to this can be Internet friends.  I always remember where […]

By Mike Fay On 8 Jul, 2013 At 10:32 AM | Categorized As Fay's Way, SLIDEBAR | With No Comments

A mean person I met in a bar once questioned me about referring to a lesbian friend as ‘gay’.  That BOD (Bag-Of-Dicks) felt I was boxing this person who they didn’t know into a label square-shaped crate of prejudice-like proportions. Its kind of weird that one moment when the broken clock is right, even if […]

By Mike Fay On 4 Jun, 2013 At 09:37 PM | Categorized As Fay's Way, SLIDEBAR | With No Comments

  I really do thoroughly enjoy a good gobsmacking. Gobsmacking can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  I prefer it to refer to individuals that may have lost their way, but are one of two things: Absolutely convinced they are correct, or (usually in the latter) too drunk to […]

By Mike Fay On 6 May, 2013 At 06:45 PM | Categorized As Fay's Way, Gaming News | With 1 Comment

  I’m a weird guy, and I rather enjoy it that way.  I have quirks and mannerisms that I know to be reasonably unique, as all people should.  The main difference being that I love just about all things culture, but tend to fixate on ideas that can go about explaining a certain quality of […]

By Mike Fay On 12 Apr, 2013 At 09:07 AM | Categorized As Fay's Way, Gaming News, SLIDEBAR, TOP GAMING NEWS | With No Comments

I want to make myself abundantly clear here. I believe in ghosts and spirits. That’s not to say that I believe IN ghosts, however. Its an entirely different issue, trust me. I don’t believe there is an actual chance of ever having to exorcise my girlfriend as she contorts into back-breaking positions that she may […]

By Mike Fay On 8 Mar, 2013 At 05:39 PM | Categorized As Fay's Way, SLIDEBAR, Uncategorized | With No Comments

It’s March now. To put that in perspective, I have at minimum, at bare fucking minimum; one month of fine hot cross bun selection left.  Those little delectable, slightly moist buns, with chunks of fruit in them and that weird glazed cross on top.  What is that stuff?  Icing?  Almond paste, sometimes?  Who knows. They’re […]

By Mike Fay On 10 Feb, 2013 At 06:29 PM | Categorized As Fay's Way, Gaming News, SLIDEBAR | With No Comments

Despite my best work to hide it, I am a male.  A dude, a man, a fella’ and a guy.  Even at my most feminine moments or during just a good old fashioned cry, it tends to be the frame of my body, the tone of my voice, the junk betwixt my legs that gives me away. […]

By Mike Fay On 11 Jan, 2013 At 06:39 PM | Categorized As Fay's Way, SLIDEBAR, Uncategorized | With No Comments

I have rather ominous relationships.  What I open up about in my writing is most likely the type of fodder for psychiatrists to send up more red flags than the dissolving of the Soviet Union.  I’ve attempted to surround myself not necessarily with people like me, but with people that enrich my life.  This has […]

By Mike Fay On 19 Nov, 2012 At 06:51 PM | Categorized As Fay's Way, Gaming News, SLIDEBAR, TOP GAMING NEWS, Uncategorized | With 1 Comment

I make no secret of my Canadian-dom… Canadashium… Canadia— I’m from Canada.  There are always horrid, and quite frankly, humiliating misconceptions about us, particularly from our closest neighbors, America.  Mind you it’s not humiliating for me.  It’s humiliating for my American girlfriend’s family when they open conversations with, or just don’t know how to talk […]