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Halo 5 Release Date Leaked?

We all love when new employees make mistakes that give us insight into our favorite games. This time is has to do with the 343 Studios and the possible release…..

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WHATS UP GAMERS! Welcome back to another Ranty RantCast! This time around we are talking about the story in video games and how it is disappearing. Over the last 4…..

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XBox One November Update

Microsoft is bringing some new TV, personalization, and SmartGlass features to Xbox One in its November update. See below for Major Nelson’s update video as well as the update notes…..

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Over the last few years we have seen game after game release trying to be scary, trying to bring back survival horror. . .yet they have constantly failed. Well like…..

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Dragon Age: Inquisition PC Requirements

BioWare’s newest chapter to the Dragon Age world, Dragon Age: Inquisition, looks like it was made to run on a PC. With gorgeous graphics and hours and hours (200+) of…..

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Yetis, and Prison Breaks and Pvp…oh my!

The Season Pass seems to be a gaming staple nowadays, bringing extra content bundled together at a discounted price. Ubisoft has provided details on their Season Pass for the upcoming…..