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. Every year before PAX East, the Made in MA Party shows off games developed specifically by schools and studios located in Massachusetts. At this event, tables of developers showcase their creations to other developers, all while hanging out with friends of the industry and making new connections. This year, I walked around the Indie […]

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Goliath Pax2014

    During my first day at PAX East 2014, there was a lot to see. Booths with awesome merchandise, cosplayers, videos, and of course…games. No booth stood out quite as prominently as the Evolve booth, though. Sticking out like a sore thumb, with a 30 foot tall model of the iconic monster, Goliath, the […]

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By Rowan On 9 Apr, 2014 At 12:59 PM | Categorized As Indie Shoutout, PC, SLIDEBAR | With No Comments

A short game focused on telling a story with a simple mechanic, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons by Starbreeze Studios revolves around, as one could guess, two brothers deeply affected by their parents. After their mother died at sea, their father fell ill, and the only way to revive him is to get the […]

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With the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online today for PC and Mac ZeniMax has released statistics on its beta entry users. There have been over 5 million registered users for the ESO Beta, with a few even saying they will give ZeniMax their child for a code. In the game there are over 40 million weapon […]

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  Atom Zombie Smasher by Blendo Games is an RTS that pits you, the player, against hoards of zombies that’re trying to eat every citizen they can get their rotting hands on. You take the role of the evacuation team, getting as many people out of the areas as possible. The cities and events happening within […]

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A new addition to the city-building genre, Banished by Shining Rock Software puts you in charge of a group of settlers that have been exiled from their homeland country. With nothing but the wilderness to help them, they’ll have to turn the forest into a thriving settlement, and it all depends on you. If you’re […]

By Jennifer Gaylord On 24 Mar, 2014 At 10:30 AM | Categorized As Gaming News, PC, PS3, PS4, XBox 360, Xbox One | With 1 Comment

Some impressive new screenshots from BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition have emerged over at All Games Beta.  There has not been a lot of information released about Inquisition so these screenshots are definitely a treat. Dragon Age: Inquisition has no specific release date other than Fall 2014 and will be available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, […]

By Rowan On 19 Mar, 2014 At 12:00 PM | Categorized As Indie Shoutout, PC, PS VITA, PS3, SLIDEBAR, Uncategorized | With No Comments

    Guacamelee! (exclamation point required) by Drinkbox Studios is a local co-op fighter/platforming game that takes many of its elements from the Metroidvania genre. Set in a Mexican world where the land of the dead and magical feats are all true, you play as Juan Aguacate, poor farmer turned superhuman luchador, in a quest to […]

By Staci On 18 Mar, 2014 At 04:03 PM | Categorized As Gaming News, PC, SLIDEBAR, TOP GAMING NEWS, Uncategorized, World News | With 1 Comment

It’s official. Maxis has finally launched SimCity’s offline mode! Update 10 is here!! It started at 6am PDT and players are ready for it! Today you’ll be able to say good bye to your Ethernet bonds and wireless dependencies! You’ll have the ability to be anywhere and still cause mass destruction or smooth sailing. You […]