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[PAX Prime 2014] Dragon Fin Soup

Grimm Bros Dragon Fin Soup is one of my most anticipated games.  It currently has no set release date, as Grimm Bros CEO Ash Monif says, “It will release when…..

6 mins read

Playstation at E3: what we hope to see

  Another year has passed, and now a new summer is approaching us.  In the gaming community we all look forward to one thing to watch live streamed on our…..

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EarthNight E3 PS4 Gameplay Trailer

I must say, the indie titles Sony is getting for their Playstation 4 platform keep looking better and better. Like I said in my recent article, I am such a…..

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Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty — E3 2014 Trailer

I remember back in 1997 going to the store, picking up Abe’s Oddysee for PlayStation, and thinking “This is GOTY!” Now PlayStation is working with JustAddWater Studios to bring this baby…..