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Pax South was a total blast! There was tons of negativity surrounding the event for the last few weeks, people saying it would be the worst Pax yet. Well, from…..

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Magic the Gathering: Conspiracy is Out!

This past weekend, Wizards of the Coast released a new set: Conspiracy. This new set is a stand-alone non-standard set of 210 cards, 65 of which are new to the…..

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Free D&D

As the newest edition of the popular table top RPG, Dungeons and Dragons draws closer, Wizards of the Coast has also released some great new information: they’ll be providing a…..

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First Look at D&D Adventurers League!

If you’ve read any articles I have written about Dungeons and Dragons, you’ll know that I’m borderline crazy about the franchise (not all of it…4th edition…). I’m in love with…..

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An Inside Look at Warlords and Sellswords

  During my time at PAX East this past weekend, I had the opportunity to meet and speak with multiple indie developers in the Indie Megabooth section of the convention……