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[PAX Prime 2014] Dragon Fin Soup

Grimm Bros Dragon Fin Soup is one of my most anticipated games.  It currently has no set release date, as Grimm Bros CEO Ash Monif says, “It will release when…..

5 mins read

An Inside Look at Grabbles

  This year at PAX East, I ran into the devs of Noble Whale Studios, which showed me their in-development game called Grabbles. The game is currently on Kickstarter and…..

8 mins read

An Inside Look at Jungle Rumble

  During my time at PAX East this past weekend, I had the opportunity to meet and speak with multiple indie developers in the Indie Megabooth section of the convention……

8 mins read

An Inside Look at Race the Sun

  Race the Sun by Flippfly is an infinite runner where you race a solar-powered craft against the sunset. The team behind this speed-based experience had two booths at PAX East,…..

4 mins read

Evolve – The Next Stage in Gaming

    During my first day at PAX East 2014, there was a lot to see. Booths with awesome merchandise, cosplayers, videos, and of course…games. No booth stood out quite…..