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[PAX Prime 2014] Gigantic

MOBAs are pretty popular right now thanks to League of Legends and DOTA 2.  They all tend to follow the same sort of formula; 5v5 brawling, free-to-play, large number of…..

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16Bit Assassins Ep 57: Plague!!!!

And we’re back ladies and gentlemen, it’s been awhile, and we missed you, on tonight’s episode it’s all things PRIME, and who knows what else, we’re flying with out a…..

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2nd Opinion Podcast #102 – PAX is Coming!

  Welcome to a special episode of the 2nd Opinion Podcast! This episode we will be talking about all the highlights from GAMESCOM, also we will be chatting a bit…..

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16Bit Assassins Episode 40: We told you we

Hey all, Episode 40 is here, and we know it’s on a weird night, Sunday, of all days. On this episode we talk about some classic gaming goodness,Stadium Events, an…..

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Firefall at Prime

Red 5 Studios has been hard at work with their free to play upcoming release Firefall, and we here at 2ndopinionpod.com were lucky enough to talk with a member of…..

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Behind the Booth with Firefall! Part 3

Episode 3 of Red 5 studios epic Behind the Booth saga is here, showing off some of the snags setting up a booth such as the one for Firefall at…..

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This one time in Seattle, Friday edition

Seattle, it’s in Washington has a lot of Starbucks and is three hours behind the east coast; it also was host to PAX Prime over Labor Day weekend. Full of…..