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Playstation goes hands on with Minecraft Vita

After the Microsoft/Mojang buy out, fans totally lost their minds thinking that the PS Vita version of the game would never release. The great thing about the buyout is Microsoft is…..

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Drake is coming, Bringing new look with him!

While promoting an upcoming 3D Character Modeling Workshop at Nucleus, Sony and Naughty Dog released this image of the man himself. . .Nathan Drake. The workshop is being put on to…..

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ICYMI Metro Redux Release Date Confirmed

In case you by some chance missed this exciting news, Deep Silver confirmed that Metro Redux will be available in stores in North America on August 26th. Metro Redux will…..

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Nordic picks up where THQ left off.

After the bankruptcy of THQ, there was a big auction to sell all of their assets, Nordic games ended up purchasing the official THQ trademark, along with the MX vs…..

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A look inside “Playstation Now”

  Just yesterday, I was finally sent my private beta access code to the upcoming streaming program known as Playstation Now which will let players on the PS4, Tablets, and…..

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Playstation at E3: what we hope to see

  Another year has passed, and now a new summer is approaching us.  In the gaming community we all look forward to one thing to watch live streamed on our…..

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Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty — E3 2014 Trailer

I remember back in 1997 going to the store, picking up Abe’s Oddysee for PlayStation, and thinking “This is GOTY!” Now PlayStation is working with JustAddWater Studios to bring this baby…..