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Staci ‘Face’ Time – Console Wars?

Hello hello, I’ve decided that I’d like to start doing a weekly “Staci ‘Face’ Time” piece as well as my other articles. It’s going to be an opinion piece that’s…..

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A look inside “Playstation Now”

  Just yesterday, I was finally sent my private beta access code to the upcoming streaming program known as Playstation Now which will let players on the PS4, Tablets, and…..

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With only 6 days left until its release, we are all getting very excited for iNFAMOUS: SECOND SON! Playstation recently released a live action trailer showing off how Delsin Rowe’s…..

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Review: World of Tanks

I’ve got plenty of Tanks for you World of Tanks!  If that does not get you excited you probably were not in the military like I was. World of Tanks…..