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Volgan confirmed for MGS V at SDCC ?

AT SDCC yesterday, The man himself Hideo Kojima was taking and tweeting out tons of pictures. A few of the show floor, one picture with CliffyB and Del Toro, and…..

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The Double Take: DOOM 3 BFG REVIEW

Doom has always been a game that just screams First Person Shooter! I would even say that Doom is the Godfather of the First Person Shooter Genre, but does it’s…..

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Airtight Games Officially Shutdown

Airtight Games officially announced via Twitter that they are closing operations at their studio office in Redmond, Washington. The Twitter message thanked the fans and for their ten years of…..

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GTA V First Person Mod

Thanks to a modder, the ability to play Grand Theft Auto V in first person perspective is a reality! The YouTube gamer that made this possible is named XBLToothPik. Along with this…..